Halloween 2022 Game Guide: The Best Board and Card Games for Spooky Season (2023)

By Allison Schonter


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October is officially here, and the countdown to Halloween 2022 is officially underway, meaning spooky fare is in full swing. Along with trick-or-treating, pumpkin carving, and apple picking, the cooler temperatures and spooky vibes that settle in October make for the perfect season to settle down at the witching hour, or perhaps earlier, for a creepy tabletop adventure via spooky board games.

Whether you're simply looking for an activity the entire family can enjoy or searching for an alternative to those spooky haunted houses and corn mazes, Funko has all of the perfect games for a cozy night in this October that bring about the spirit of Halloween. From games that evoke the classic nature of the season to games that ask you to step into some of your favorite Halloween movies to help defeat the Sanderson sisters of Hocus Pocus or explore the manor at the center of The Haunted Mansion, there's no shortage of options to help pass the time as the nights grow longer and All Hallows Eve approaches.

Disney's Return of the Headless Horseman

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Halloween is surrounded in myths and legends, and perhaps the most notorious of them all is The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. A classic tale told throughout the ages, the story got a reimagination in Disney's 1949 animated classic The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, a segment of The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad. Now, fans of the story have the chance to step directly into the tale in Disney's Return of the Headless Horseman game.

Recommended for players ages 6 and up, and with a price tag of just $20, the game involves two to four players, who must help a frightened Ichabod across Sleepy Hollow's covered bridge before the Headless Horseman heads him off. By choosing cards and matching players, players can slowly help Ichabod out-gallop the Headless Horseman as he advances across a board filled with spooky scenes. Making the game even better for the entire family, gameplay can be adjusted to best fit your family by reducing the strategy to make it a bit more kid-friendly or increasing it to make it more difficult, allowing the entire family to work together to help Ichabod. More information on Disney's Return of the Headless Horseman on Funko's website here.

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$40.00 at Funko

Hocus Pocus Tricks & Wits Card Game

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Fresh on the heels of the release of Disney's Hocus Pocus 2, fans of the cult classic Halloween movie can test their hand at defeating the sinister Sanderson sisters themselves, or be the ones seeking to suck the lives out of all the children in Salem. In Hocus Pocus Tricks & Wits Card Game, players are split into two teams – kids (Max, Dani, and Alison) and witches (Winifred, Sarah, and Mary). Players on the kids team must work together to outsmart the witches and send them back to their graves, while the witches are on a quest to extend their youth. By rolling a glittering die, teams can gain special powers to help thwart their opponent, but they must act fast, because as the game goes on, the Black Flame Candle gets closer to burning out.

The game is a perfect family-friendly option, with a recommended age of 8-years-old and up. Full of tricks and wit, it's great for a quick and easy game night, and a perfect complement to Hocus Pocus 2. Gameplay aside, the card game makes for the perfect collector's item with a box featuring an artistic styling of the Sanderson sisters and game cards evoking characters and themes from the film. Hocus Pocus Tricks & Wits Card Game runs at a price of $8.99 and can be purchased on Amazon.com here.

$8.99 at Amazon

Funko games: Disney's The Haunted Mansion – Call of the Spirits: Magic Kingdom Park Edition

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Along with pumpkins and trick-or-treaters, one of the most iconic images of the spooky season is the haunted house, and perhaps none are more renowned than Gracey Manor. The center of Disney's beloved film The Haunted Mansion, Gracey Manor is crawling with ghosts, and fans of the 2003 Eddie Murphy-starring film have the chance to make contact with some of those spirits and roam the halls of the haunted estate in Disney's The Haunted Mansion – Call of the Spirits: Magic Kingdom Park Edition.

In the game, best suited for two to six players aged 9 and up, players are given eh chance to roam the endless hallways of Gracey Manor and contact the spirits residing in the estate's many rooms, including the Bride and Organist from the Attic and Madame Leota in the Séance Room. However, not every spirit is friendly, and as players make their way across the color game board, they must avoid the Hitchhiking Ghosts who move around the Mansion.

Disney's The Haunted Mansion – Call of the Spirits, priced at $24.99, has been re-released in celebration of Disney's 50th anniversary. The revamped Disney's The Haunted Mansion – Call of the Spirits: Magic Kingdom Park Edition boasts new artwork inspired by the Gothic-style iteration of the iconic mansion, glow-in-the-dark Hitchhiking Ghosts, and a commemorative 50th anniversary foil seal, making the game perfect not only for fans of the movie, but also Dinsey lovers celebrating the milestone occasion. More information on the game can be found on Amazon.com here.

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$11.00 at Amazon

Funkoverse: Universal Monsters 100 4-pack

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Before Hocus Pocus and The Haunted Mansion, there were other haunts lurking throughout the month of October. Dracula, the Bride of Frankenstein, the Creature From the Black Lagoon, and the Invisible Man all come to life in Funkoverse: Universal Monsters 100 4-pack, retailing at $39.99.

Playable as a stand-alone game or in combnation with any other Funkoverse set, the game allows players ages 10 and up to move through some of the most memorable locations in horror history, including Dracula's Castle and rankenstein's Laboratory, as they the Bride of Frankenstein from robbed graves to unleash her undead prowess, use Dracula's blood-draining abilities to power up, and ambush and abduct their rivals with the Creature From the Black Lagoon to to capture points and achieve victory!

While all of the other games on this list are filled with color, Funkoverse: Universal Monsters 100 4-pack tones things down drastically, evoking the early days of the horror genre with a black-and-white board and figures. With a play time of approximately 40 minutes, the game is one of strategy and requires a slow gameplay, "cooldown" periods, and endless combinations of play, meaning Funkoverse: Universal Monsters 100 4-pack won't be a game you play once and are done with, rather making a game that can be enjoyed countless times. For a closer look and more information, visit Amazon.com.

$36.60 at Amazon

The Goonies: Never Say Die

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Candy won't be the only treasure you're seeking this season – gold and jewels are just out of reach! Travel back to the '80s and embark on a perilous adventure in The Goonies: Never Say Die, a board game based on the 1985 adventure comedy film The Goonies, which happens to be a popular viewing options during spooky season.


Recommended for ages 12 and up, tasks the Goonies, aka the players, with discovering the legendary riches of One-Eyed Willy, a legendary 17th-century pirate. But finding the gold won't be easy, and as players travel across an illustrated board game reminiscent of the tunnels the kids explore in the film, they must avoid booby traps and the dangers of the caverns, all while outrunning and outsmarting the Goondocks Master, a single player who controls the Fratellis and One-Eyed Willie.

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The Goonies: Never Say Die carries an approximate runtime of 50 minutes, a span of time that will fly by as players are challenged with cryptic puzzles and deadly challenges, which they must overcome with teamwork, strategy, and Data's clever contraptions. The game makes for an evening of fun and adventurous excitement, complete with eight beautifully sculpted miniatures of Mikey, Mouth, Chunk, Data, Sloth, the Giant Octopus, the Fratellis, and One-Eyed Willie and modern gameplay inspired by the classic adventure games of the '80s. For more information, view the game on Funko's website here.

$34.99 at Funko Games


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Eldritch Horror
Gamers playing Eldritch Horror board game, Poland 2017
PublishersFantasy Flight Games
Age range14 and up
SkillsProblem solving, cooperative gaming
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Is there a Halloween board game? ›

Halloween is a tactical game for 2 to 4 players in which you take on the role of a demon lord that controls the many ghosts on the board. Carefully plan your actions through a unique mechanism that allows you to manage multiple ghosts to try to outwit your opponents.

What is a spooky board? ›

Turns out, they're Halloween boards that mash up the beautiful with the bizarre, the sweet with the spooky. They often feature themed props like skeletons, witches, and monsters. And this is key: they have a sense of humor or mystery.

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5 Jul 2022

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What is a screaming game? ›

Participants repeatedly choose one other person to look at, hoping that person won't be looking back at them. Whenever eye contact is made between two participants, both must shout wildly and lunge backward. They are then eliminated. The game generates laughter and boosts energy in a group.

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What is the most brutal game ever? ›

Classic video game fans on Ranker voted on which of these gloriously violent classic titles deserve to be considered the very best.
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  • 4/10 Throw Throw Burrito.
  • 3/10 Shadows In The Forest.
  • 2/10 Monikers.
  • 1/10 Mr. Bacon's Big Adventure.
15 May 2021

What is the biggest horror game of all time? ›

The Greatest Horror Games Of All Time
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13 Feb 2022


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